It is an honor to have won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 7 years in a row


“We had no idea what to expect. This museum made the story of the Titanic really come to life. The amount of artifacts is incredible. Many real pictures from the start of construction until the first portion of the maiden voyage. They layout is excellent. It really makes you feel very involved in the process from the start of construction until the fatal sinking. Make sure to talk to the various staff throughout the facility. They can tell true tales that go beyond the pictures. Well worth the time and cost.”

– Steven H, Trip Advisor Review

Ship Model at Titanic Branson

“A Remembrance”*****

“Many people have been lost at sea over the years, but this is a story of brave men and women who lost their lives, as well as those who survived, on a commercial ship that was thought to be unsinkable. This is a well documented museum and gives visitors a look at class distinctions and stories from all walks of live. Definitely worth a visit while in Branson.”

– Larry W, Trip Advisor Review

“Great Museum Experience”*****

“We enjoyed this museum. We were given a boarding pass card with an actual persons name on it. (At the end you find out why) My son was given a child’s name. We were given controllers with speaker that you hold up to your ear like a phone. It had a kid version and adult version. It was self paced and had a few stops along the way with people dressed in period clothing telling us something about the Titanic. They were always willing to listen and answer questions and were very knowledgeable. Every so often it also had something hands on to touch and do for the kids (and adults too).”

– JaNel W, Trip Advisor Review


“The musuem is very interesting! First, you receive a card with a person’s name and brief history. You become that person that actually was on the Titanic. At the very end you will see if you survived. The exhibits are well laid out. As you travel through, you become engrossed in learning about the ship and the passengers. If you like anything about the Titanic…this is a must do! If you don’t know much about the Titanic, this is a great place to start.”

– DEgirltoMts, Trip Advisor Review

“Incredible experience”*****

“A real impressive tribute to the Titanic and the people who sailed on that fateful trip.
Seeing the actual artifacts from the wreckage was impressive. The stories of the people that were preserved and not forgotten. A real special experience for us. The grand staircase was recreated from the actual drawings they used when building the ship. The detailed wood molding and iron and gold foil decorations were incredibly beautiful. The pictures and personal effects of the people who sailed are priceless. The interactive parts were fun to do. The cold sea water exhibit was eerily sad. The water is chilled to the temperature of the actual North Atlantic sea water temperature and you place your hand in it and start a timer to see how long you could bear to touch the water. After 30 seconds I could not bear the pain of the intense cold. I understood why most people froze to death rather from drowning. The experience was priceless. Something I will never forget and a tragic event that will not be forgotten. A must see museum for all who visit Branson.”

– KashmirX, Trip Advisor Review

First Class Suite at Titanic Branson

Titanic Branson interactive sloping decks

“Was very interesting”*****

“This was my 13yr olds favorite place we visited in while in Branson. It is a self guided, audio tour. The boarding pass with a real passenger name made it even more interesting as you were looking at everything to see if it belonged to your boarding pass. There is lots of reading, but very interesting. The grand staircase was beautiful and left us in awe. In the music room, the man playing the piano, made you feel as though you were there on deck listening to the music. All the staff was friendly, the costumes from the film were beautiful. For my family, it was well worth the price (I did get a $4 per ticket discount through my work hub), we spent almost 3 hours there. My daughter actually got on her tablet that night to find out more about her passenger. I would go back again, just to see what all I might of missed.”

– Rennee M, Trip Advisor Review

“Employee Jack made the extra special”*****

“My sister and I went for my birthday. It was so very interesting. We spent just over 4 hours there and thought that we got all that we could out of the place. There was an employee there, Jack who made our trip extra special by taking time to talk with us and point out things of interest that we may not have noticed. The staff well informed, and extremely friendly. Give yourself a good few hours to really take everything in.”

– Heather K, Trip Advisor Review

“Great piece of history”*****

“We visited the titanic museum and really enjoyed further learning about this tragic event that happened back in 1912. The owners of the museum have invested in researching this event and helping it really come alive in Missouri. The events that unfolded are explained and on display in the numerous exhibits. One of the funnest parts of this tour is getting a card with the name of a real passenger as you start your self-guided tour and trying to determine whether or not they survived or perished before you get to the end of the tour. So fun!”

– Joy Lynn H, Trip Advisor Review