The Amazing Women of Titanic – 19 visionary women who made a difference, including fashion icon, Lady Duff Gordon, honored through new exhibit at Titanic Museum Attractions

Exhibit showcases the largest collection of Lady Duff Gordon’s fashion designs to ever be on display. Dress collection is over 100 years old.

June, 2018 – Titanic Museum Attractions are proud to present, “The Amazing Women of Titanic.” The exhibit honors 19 women who were aboard the RMS Titanic and, most importantly, through their personal and professional lives, found their own identity at a time when a woman’s place was in the home, not in the working world.

According to Mary Kellogg, Titanic Museum Attractions’ President/COO and co-owner, while all women aboard were amazing, these 19 women in particular broke glass-ceilings, stepped on toes and opened restricted doors all to make a name for themselves and to also help women after them succeed in a man’s world.

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Lady Duff Gordon
First Class Passenger on RMS Titanic
Now – November 2018
Rare Edwardian era fashion collection on view at Titanic Museums
Lucile Collection has never been seen by the public in its entirety. Now on display in Branson, MO and Pigeon Forge, TN.

Rare examples of high fashion clothing from the Edwardian period are on display at the Titanic Museums. All were designed by Lady Duff Gordon for her couture house Lucile or endorsed by her company.

Lady Duff Gordon was one of the leading dress designers of the day and with her husband and her secretary she escaped the sinking ship in a lifeboat. The tabloid media spread false rumors that the couple bribed the sailors in their boat not to pick up more survivors but these allegations were dismissed by the British Board of Trade hearings into the Titanic disaster.

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The Only Bible Saved from Titanic Now Enshrined at the Titanic Museum Attraction
Iconic Bible Carried on Board Titanic by Reverend Bateman

Branson, Missouri – When Reverend Bateman boarded Titanic on April 10, 1912 he was accompanied by his sister-in-law, Ada Ball, and the cherished Bible. Now, this holy book is on exclusive display at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, MO.

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