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  First class cabin of the Titanic  
Going First Class
Traveling First Class on the Titanic placed you in a private and privileged world where separation of the classes was strictly observed.

Your stateroom reinforced this sense of entitlement with its rich furnishings, electric fireplace, writing table and adult living area. Separate quarters were available for servants. There were six parlour suites reserved for the ultra rich that opened to a private promenade deck. Complete toilet facilities as we know them today were not in the majority of staterooms.

Luxury living at sea had its price. Much like today, rates varied according to season, locations on the ship and the size of the stateroom. The pound was at an approximate 5/1 exchange ratio to the dollar in 1912. A one way ticket in peak season could run from a high of $22,000 for two in a parlour suite to $1,500 for two in an outside stateroom. Children and dogs in First Class traveled at half fare.

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Titanic Branson
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Located in the heart of Branson, 3235 76 Country Blvd & Hwy 165
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Ticket Information: Toll Free: 800/381-7670 • 417/334-9500
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