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  The Grand Staircase of the Titanic  
Stairway To Heaven?
The Titanic’s defining element of luxury and grace was the spectacular Grand Staircase. It led First Class passengers into the heart of shipboard society where the rich and richer mingled before dinner.

Overhead a magnificent glass dome reflected light off oak wall paneling and elaborate railings and iron scrollwork. Wide, sweeping steps and landings provided a spectacular staging area for guests to make their evening appearances.

On the top landing a large carved sculpture of two female figures titled “Honour and Glory Crowning Time,” flanked an ornate clock. A classic cherub statue, holding an electric torch, stood guard at the bottom landing. You will pass both when you walk up the staircase to the First Class stateroom.

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Titanic Branson
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Ticket Information: Toll Free: 800/381-7670 • 417/334-9500
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