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The Love Boat

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The Titanic has been described as “The Ship of Dreams”, “A Floating Palace”, “The Eighth Wonder of the World”, but this week she’s, “The Love Boat”. That’s right Valentine’s Day has arrived and the place to celebrate is at The Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri.

This whole week will be filled with testimonies of love, flirtations, and romance culminating with February 14th on Sunday. We have vow renewals scheduled, proposals of marriage planned, and all things cupid related will be spotlighted this week.

Renew your vows on the Grand Staircase

Renew your vows on the Grand Staircase

Anything can happen at the Titanic Museum, we’ve seen it occur right on our Grande Staircase. A tale of love gone wrong and then made right took place at the museum the first year we were open. Maid Jamie recalls one couple she greeted at the staircase one day and as she often does she requests that the lady take the gentleman’s arm when ascending the stairs. When met with this request, the couple looked at each other with an obvious distaste, but not wanting to seem rude they complied with Maid Jamie’s request. The lady took his arm and off they went. About an hour later the same couple descended the stairs, the temps had gone from cool to simmer and not only did she have her gentleman’s arm they were hand in hand and obviously smitten. Well, friends that is not the end of the story. The next day Maid Jamie was at her post at the Grande Staircase when in walked the lady from the day before, she asked if she could speak to Maid Jamie and of course Jamie was all ears. She told Maid Jamie that her and her husband had been on the brink of divorce when they decided to cruise through Branson and stop at the Titanic Museum, they had not been speaking, let alone touching, so when Maid Jamie had asked them to climb the Grande Staircase arm and arm, that had been the first physical contact they had had in months. That evening after the tour they went out to dinner, had a long soulful talk, realizing just how much they loved each other were going to give the marriage another go. Well Maid Jamie was stunned, as we all were when hearing of the story. So you see, anything can happen and does daily at The Titanic Museum.

Valentine’s Day is a delightful time of year for children who enjoy their puppy love flirtations, the love of their little friends, and of course their family, young love is always exciting and thrilling, in the minds of the newly fractured no other love can possibly be as rare or perfect, then of course love becomes more sophisticated, with candlelight dinners and diamonds and pearls, then mature love, if achieved is the most perfect of all, you have stood the test of time and no one can break the tie that binds. For a moment I want you to think of all the couples, like those I have just described that were sailing on board the R.M.S. Titanic.

Newlywed couples, like the Astors with a baby on the way, solid married couples like the Goldsmiths traveling in Third Class, the Laroche couple, Joseph and Juliette, with their two little girls, so in love they were moving back to Haiti so they could live their lives together without prejudice and persecution. Think of the Valentines hearts that were forever broken because of the “Titanic” tragedy. In memory of them all I would like to end with a poem written by my Valentine and eternal love.

Love of my Life
By Tom Peters

Love of my Life, I miss you
Oh, What I’d give, If I could just kiss you
I’ll try so hard to wear a smile again
But where will I find
Another Best Friend

I hear your voice
Everywhere I turn
But there’s only me
And tear drops that burn

Saying goodbye to you
Tore my hear in two
For the Love of my Life is gone
And the Love of my Life is gone

I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ll be right here to greet you,
First Class Maid Jaynee
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