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Ode to a Rose

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The last week of February has arrived and with it a wrap up of Sweetheart Month at The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri. Cupid has packed up his arrows to await another year to appear. With the end of Sweetheart Month we at the museum bid farewell to our beautiful “Rose”. Oh she will be back for special events and most importantly she will be traveling to our sister ship in Tennessee to salute Titanic Pigeon Forge, TN. launch on Thursday, April 8th of this year.

Still to see her leave is bittersweet.

Titancs Rose

Titanic's Rose

No other heroine has quite captured the imagination of so many generations then that of the character, “Rose Dewitt Bukater”. Although fictional, her beauty, magnetism, bravery, and love for her amazing “Jack” on board The Titanic will go down in celluloid history. Every little girl, and for that matter, woman, that watches James Cameron’s movie, TITANIC, sees herself as this amazing character. Every young man envisions having a lady love so lovely and so devoted. The fictional story devised by James Cameron is brilliant how it interweaves into the factual tale of the Titanic. On the screen Kate Winslet played the role of “Rose” with such a natural appeal that she became the standard of young, modern, womanhood, despite the movie telling the story of something that occurred in 1912.

In 2006, at The Titanic Museum in Branson, a young woman came to us to apply for a job as one of our costumed maids. Her name, Randi, but she was, “Rose”. The moment I saw her I knew we had our “Rose”. We had contemplated the idea of having a “Rose”. And here she was. Weeks went by, Randi/Rose proved to be an invaluable character actor, but as destiny would have it, when we were ready so was she and she became our “Titanic Rose”. Clad in an exact replica of Rose’s boarding suit, the white suit with purple pinstripes, with the magnificent purple picture frame hat, with white kid gloves, white kid ankle boots, and matching purple parasol, she was it. Pearly white complexion with thick auburn hair, she simply is perfect.

Reactions from our guests are always dismayed at the resemblance to the screen character, children stand in awe, it’s not every day they see such beauty up close, and our “Rose” performs her role as if born to do this.

Randi/Rose has a family and family duties called her away from Branson, but you can always count on her to come for special duties and soon she will be traveling to Pigeon Forge as well. Sweetheart Month would not be so “sweet” without her presence.

Some Titanic purists have scoffed at the inclusion of James Cameron’s movie. Accept for the fictional story of Jack and Rose and the characters immediately involved with these characters, James Cameron depicted the history of Titanic closer to detail and accuracy then it had ever been done before. Still there are the naysayers. So I would like to share a situation that occurred last weekend, proving that the addition of drama and art is not a bad thing.

One of our maids in the gift shop was helping a woman when the woman asked if she could share something that had just occurred to her. Maid Myka who was helping her encouraged her to share. This lady commented on how she loved the museum, was in love with the history of Titanic and absolutely in love with the movie, “ TITANIC”. She especially adored the character of “Rose”. She shared that her life had been full of problems for many years and she wished that she had the strength of character that Rose had. She was extremely down, blue, horribly sad of late. So when she had the opportunity to come to the Titanic Museum she couldn’t resist. Upon leaving the Grande Staircase this lady happened to look up and saw our beautiful “Rose” glancing down at her from the balcony. “Rose” without a word gave her a sweet little wave, and because of her emotional state, just this small act of kindness moved her greatly. Teary eyed and obviously moved, she wanted to thank the museum and “Rose”, for salving her sad life. She felt renewed and hopeful, all because of, “Rose”. That means a lot to all of us and that’s the kind of power that is generated in this Titanic Museum in Branson. You just never know.

I know I will miss our “Rose”, but she will be back soon to greet you.

First Class Maid, Jaynee
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