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Where’s Henry?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Henry Noss, that is. Henry Noss was a member of the Engineering Crew on board the R.M.S. Titanic, 30 years old; he served as a fireman/stoker.  Henry survived the tragedy of Titanic.  His brother, Bertrum worked as a fireman/stoker on board Titanic as well, he was not so fortunate, he perished in the sinking.

The men that worked as firemen, stokers, trimmers, greasers in the boiler rooms of Titanic were among the second highest percentage of survivors that were in the crew.  Unfortunately, considering the amazing loss of life in the Titanic crew that number was still not large.

First Class Maid Jaynee scolding Henry

First Class Maid Jaynee scolding Henry

I bring up Henry this week because….I miss him.  I know it sounds strange, those that know me would never guess that I would have any feelings for this very crude person.  Henry Noss was probably the dirtiest person one could ever meet, yes, the poor chap had little chance to keep clean working as he did in the bowels of the ship, but somehow I think Henry relished his filthy appearance and enjoyed flaunting his filth every chance he could.  Large, loud, and full of personal pride, our Henry, the one that works at our museum, charms the young ladies, tickles the old ladies, and delights the children with his masculine mischief.  I of course, for the most part, disapprove of most of Henry’s shenanigans, and he in turn takes great personal enjoyment in making me squirm with his uncivilized behavior.  It never ceases to fail that during a dissertation at our Route Map or at our beautiful Grande Staircase, here comes Henry, tromping through the middle of things, making his presence known, throwing a crude remark or …..six!

But where did he go?  Yes, I miss him.  Like a naughty child man, one becomes exasperated, but then can’t help but be amused at his outrageous persona.

Henry is gone.  The wonderful actor that portrays Henry Noss at the Titanic Museum Attraction, Officer Jordan, has left us for a time to pursue other adventures.  And he will be missed.  Good luck Jordan, I know we will meet up with each other again.  However without Henry Noss, this First Class Maid will miss scolding and chastising this devilish fellow.

That being said, we also have to say goodbye to another marvelous young lady that worked for the Museum Attraction this past summer season.  A promising new actress, First Class Maid Erin, will be leaving us to pursue her Masters in the theatre, but promises to return during the Holiday season, which is always a busy time.

Like ships passing through the night, I have grown to know and say goodbye to many that have graced the Titanic Museums corridors, but each and every one of these talented individuals realize that if they come back,

“I’ll be right there to greet them.”

And I wish them all the most exciting and wonderful adventures for their future.

First Class Maid, Jaynee
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