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More Goodbyes

Friday, August 26th, 2011

This past Sunday the Titanic Museum Attraction Crew enjoyed a get together at the IMAX movie theatre, hosted by both Mary and John Joslyn. Crew members were able to bring their families for hot dogs, refreshments and a viewing of the action packed movie, Captain America. Before the film anniversary pins were given, accomplishments were acknowledged, prizes were distributed, and goodbyes were given.

One of our Managers that has been with us since the beginning, first working for our official Titanic photographers, Sharpshooters and then joining the crew as admissions, and in every capacity, eventually landing the position, Manager.

Titanic Model Display

Titanic Model Display

Officer Matt, a whiz at computers, photography, diplomacy, and organizing large groups of people, school children and parents for starters, has a new endeavor planned for his future. I often tease Officer Matt that he must be a “male” model; he has the slim edgy looks of a Calvin Klein mannequin, and the boyish charm that creates an easy and likeable style with managing people. Although quite young, Matt showed courage and true manhood when a few years back he lost his Father in a tragic accident, he carried on with stalwart resolve, and never let his grief compromise his dedication to his service at the Titanic. Katie, his lovely young bride, is in a word, “VaVaVoom” attractive and his two young children make his family just about perfect. We wish him great success in his future plans but he will be missed by us all.

Officer Larry from the corporate offices will be assuming Officer Matt’s role, and we have high hopes for this capable chap. Speaking of switching roles, First Class Maid Sara will be moving to reservations department for work a day duties, they are lucky in reservations department - I must say.

Another goodbye to Officer Gary. Officer Gary has not been with us long but what an impression he has made. A seasoned, handsome, mature man, he works admissions and cast. When Officer Gary is about, one feels a sense that everything will be done in a correct fashion. Soft-spoken, but full of good humor I will surely miss displaying my trinkets to Officer Gary. He took such an interest in jewelry and the finer things in life. One word describes him, a true “gentleman”.

He is off to the races with another project and we are all jealous but wish him well.

We said goodbye to a favorite display on Monday last. The huge Titanic model that appeared in James Cameron’s movie, “The Titanic”, was moved from what we thought its permanent home. She’s off to Hollywood to once again appear in the 3D version of the classic film, Titanic. We wish her good luck too, many a little laddie and lassie peered in at her with dismay, job well done Titanic model!

Till next time, I’m still here, and I’ll be right here to greet you.

First Class Maid Jaynee