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Where’s the Love?

Wedding vow renewals on the Titanic

Wedding vow renewals on the Titanic

At the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson, Missouri of course.  February heralds the start of romance, devotion, passion, and L-O-V-E at our museum.  Throughout the year the Titanic museum is a perfect setting for weddings, vow renewals at the Grande Staircase, and romance.  In 1912 when the Titanic set sail out of Southampton, England 12 newlywed couples thought so too.  Ocean liners and cruise ships are always perfect for anniversary celebrations and honeymooners, something about floating around the ocean seems to spark even the most frigid relationships, unless of course the ship should happen to crash into a mountain of ice, then I guess the phrase, “Love on the rocks,” takes on a significant new meaning.

Nevertheless, we at the museum are proud to boast that we have been the staging place for countless weddings and hundreds of vow renewals since our opening in 2006.  Check out our web page for wedding information, our own beautiful First Class Maid Sarah and newlywed husband John are pictured in their nuptial costumes, looking glamorous so much in love.

February, like a tulip ready to bloom, promises to be just as romantic as previous Valentine months at the museum.  Last year on Valentine’s Day we had over 50 vow renewals on the Grande Staircase.  So simple to arrange, interested parties should call the museum, make a reservation, many packages are available from the simplest of exchanges to elaborate packages that include hotel accommodations, a cake, and even a beautiful “Heart of the Ocean” necklace.  It’s up to you!  You’re the Captain, and by the way all of the vow renewals are conducted by our very own Captain David, he is ordained to perform these ceremonies and every vow renewal comes with a vow renewal certificate, legal and binding…this is serious business.  Serious “love” business.

Titanics Rose featured during Sweetheart Month

Titanic's Rose featured during Sweetheart Month

Throughout this romance month we will be honored to have our long stemmed, beautiful “Rose” returning to hostess this Sweetheart Months festivities at the museum.  One glance at this just plain pretty lady and you’ll believe you’re starring in the blockbuster, James Cameron film, The Titanic.  Yes, she favors Kate Winslet’s Rose that much….I think she’s even lovelier.  Also this month I will be bringing you touching romantic tales of undying love on the R.M.S. Titanic and romantic reports of love at the Titanic Museum.  To start I’d like to share a contribution from Titanic’s favorite visiting author, Bruce Caplan.  He sent this testament to love to the Titanic and I’d like to share it with all of you.  Enjoy.

A Valentine Message from the Titanic

By Bruce M. Caplan

Titanic was only a couple of days out of New York, when passengers felt the collision with a giant iceberg. It was 20 minutes to midnight on the 14th of April 1912 and many were fast asleep in their cabins.  For the first few minutes after the impact, those aware of the happening were excited and thrilled about the turn of events.  Most thought that they were on a craft that was unsinkable and the collision with the iceberg just added more excitement to the inaugural cruise.

As they gazed up at the clear moonless sky, a myriad of stars twinkled back at them.  Turning their eyes toward the ocean gave them more confidence.  The sea was as smooth as glass!

Captain Smith, Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews were soon aware that the Titanic had suffered a fatal blow.  The ship was doomed to be swallowed by the Ocean!  There were only 20 lifeboats on the Titanic—enough to save about half of the 2200 passengers.  Unfortunately the first boats were launched half empty!  Passengers could not believe that the new Empress of the Seas was in trouble.

Within a few score minutes the pride of the White Star Line began to rapidly sink.  Men, women, and children suddenly realized that to board a lifeboat was their only way to survive.

Ida Straus, the wife of Isidor Straus the owner of Macy’s watched the lifeboats depart.  She was 63 and had been married to her husband for over 40 years.  Standing by lifeboat #8, she was urged by the passengers to get in and save herself.  She refused to leave her husband’s side.

Survivors witnessed the Straus’s holding hands as the frigid Ocean devoured the last decks of the Titanic. Isidor and Ida’s eternal love will be forever remembered and cherished!

Thank you Bruce.  Please come and visit the museum this month, it promises to be a heartwarming experience and I’ll be right here to greet you.

First Class Maid, Jaynee

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3 Responses to “Where’s the Love?”

  1. Billy Says:

    I loved your new article. If you ever come to Oklahoma we will have to get together

  2. First Class Maid Jaynee Says:

    Thanks Billy! I’d love to come to Oklahoma, but it’s Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. For a time while we get the new museum ready to open. So you will have to come see me there or of course Branson! Will write soon.

    First Class Maid, Jaynee

  3. Billy Says:

    Im notworried abouta letter. I know you are very buisy in two different states. Im at a friends house. He’s watching James Bond, I have to be in the mood for that. I’m eatingmy favorite food. Hony BBQ wings from a burger land. I watched avidio last night when that girl, Miriah, came to the museum and interviewed you. Loved it. See yu soon

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