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Authors and Legends

Authors have populated our Titanic Museum Attraction this past week and are still here.  The public has been so pleased buying books, asking questions from these experts, enjoying the knowledge they possess and are so anxious to share.

First Class Maid Jaynee

First Class Maid Jaynee

Lee Meredith, Author of 1912 Facts About Titanic, is a must for those that want and need the straight information about the ship R.M.S. Titanic, including her sister ships.  One can not go wrong, these facts are faultless, Mr. Meredith puts forth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I use his book countless times to answer so many questions.  He also has a book that concentrates primarily on the passenger and crew manifest.

Ken Rossignol is offering two of his books, Titanic 1912 and The Titanic and The Lusitania.  A charming man, with a Panama Hat, personable to speak with, with a lifetime of history and tales to add to his Titanic story.

Bruce Caplan, a personal favorite of mine, he offers a personally edited copy of the first Titanic book published after the tragedy occurred in 1912, Sinking of the Titanic.  This book will reveal surprising details that so many people, including myself, were not aware of until enlightened by the book offered by Bruce.  If not for Bruce, this amazing information would be forever lost.  His book has actual commentary by those that survived the Titanic.  Love that.  He has an audio format if you would like to listen while driving.

Now, the Legend, Helen Benziger. Great-Granddaughter of the famous, First Class passenger, Margaret Brown.  Known to most of us as The “Unsinkable Molly” Brown.  Although Helen has not written this book, Molly Brown, Unraveling the Myth.  She whole heartedly sanctions this said book written by Kristen Iversen.  Helen with her warm personality, wit, charm, humor, and kind, giving ways is a delight to the public that clamor to see her every year.  She will speak and teach all that wait in line to meet her and have her sign their copy of the Iverson book.  Always with her, trusted companion, Brojan, her working dog, an unusual breed of French Sheep Dog, a huge animal with fur as soft as a mink, Brojan is a handsome Beauceron.  You would never know that Helen has anything troubling her, but she is a champion and has needed some assistence with balance, Brojan is there to assist her up if need be, but he’s a working dog and absolute LOVER!  We respect him when he’s working but we as a crew love him and Helen lets us play with him a bit. Molly and Carter, our King Charles Mascots, have HUGE crushes!  He speaks french you know?

April 1 -7 Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge will host 12 authors    who will share their knowledge with our guests. Our museums have one of the most extensive libraries on Titanic literature in the world.  CD’s are also available.

Tomorrow I am off to Pigeon Forge, to participate in the Knoxville Dancing with the Stars on Friday.  Tell you all about it next week.

First Class Maid Jaynee

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